Teresa enjoys bringing Sacred Self-Care to the divine women’s home and family! Healing with Reiki, Massage and Movement.


Teresa has been practicing the healing arts since 2006, integrating massage therapy and Reiki. Her passion for healing drove her to study different healing modalities, including Reiki for Animals/people, Matrix Energetics, Healing touch for Animals/People, Yoga, Aromatherapy and Belly Dance. As an experienced Reiki Practitioner, Teresa has created her extended Reiki Trainings and Energy Awareness programs (5-10 weeks) for self-healing and spiritual growth. Teresa also coordinates a monthly Reiki Sanctuary which provides free Reiki sessions to Oahu’s local community. Having a love for all animals and elephants since she was a child, Teresa had a passion to bring Reiki to help heal rescued animals and elephants.

Belly Dance is another of Teresa’s passions. Teresa has been enjoying Middle Eastern Dance for over 16 years. Belly Dance is a powerful form of healing. She believes regular belly dance and yoga can help raise your Shakti (divine feminine power) and creative expression. Teresa conducts Healing through movement classes and also performs regularly at local venues in Oahu, Hawaii. She has had the privilege to travel and train with a variety of middle eastern dance teachers in multiple states.

Teresa’s life is an exploration of all things that nourish and inspire the soul. She enjoys spending time with her animals, husband, and family and enjoying her creative outlets such as making home-made body scrubs, sacred essential oil blends, working out in nature and on the dance floor! As a dedicated

Yogini she continues to deepen her Yoga lifestyle, studying and learning about divine feminine that belly dancing uncovers and the roots of movement connected to Yoga and Dance of Shiva.


“If you’re interested in Reiki or learning Reiki go see Teresa! She is an incredible, intuitive practitioner and teacher. I never felt like I was very intuitive, but she guided me through meditations and activities to deepen my sensitivity to the energy of the world. She’s done her research and really knows her stuff. She is also an amazing massage therapist! I have had many, many sessions from her, some Swedish, but mostly deep tissue, and she always knows exactly where those “spots” are and zeros right in on them! And to top it all off she’s super sweet, kind, and funny. Go see her! You won’t regret it!” -Katelyn


Teresa has been a professionally licensed massage therapist since 2006, Reiki practitioner since 2008 and healing through Belly Dance movement since 2002. She specializes in healing sessions that connect you and your animal’s mind, body and spirit. Sessions include massage, Reiki, Meditation, Energy Awareness classes, body scrubs, yoga and Belly Dance classes. Join her 10-week Level one Reiki training (Shoden) to experience spiritual growth and expansion of the heart.  Flow deeper into the inner teachings of Reiki with her Reiki Level two (Okuden) extended training. She holds regular Energy Awareness workshops & monthly Reiki Sanctuary, as well as, weekly Dance Classes! Find your healing journey with Teresa and book your next session today.

It is important to remember that alternative therapies do not replace a doctor or veterinarian’s care. Always talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about receiving massage, energy sessions or when starting a new exercise program.