Energy Awareness

Energy Awareness Workshop – For Sacred Self-Care Grounded at Heart Center

You are a beautiful, energetic being, that deserves to have sacred self-care incorporated into your schedule. When we heal ourselves, the positive vibrations of all beings around us are heightened.

Become aware of yourself. In a friendly and safe environment, we will explore tools to feel your OWN energy and let go of old energies, to create a healthy connection with your body, mind & spirit. Tools such as breathing exercises, guided meditations, and a variety of energy awareness exercise will be practiced in class. The class will end with Teresa sending you Reiki! A nice Reiki bath to help soothe the soul.

Teresa connects to the energy of the class making each workshop different and as unique as you are.

Who is this workshop perfect for?
Anybody who want to gather with spiritual friends
Empaths who want to learn how to use their gifts
Anybody who wants to become aware of their energetic surroundings
Reiki & Yoga practitioners who want to deepen their insight & energy sensitivity
Anyone who believes in unicorns

Exercises Included In The Workshop:

Techniques to sense your energy imbalances
Guided meditations
Learn how to tap into your body and release old emotions
Learn daily exercises for balance and grounding
Breathing techniques to harness healing energy
Class Ends with a Reiki Bath

Inquire to Book: 90 minute to 4 hour session available