Animal & Child Reiki

Why should your beloved pets & children get Reiki 

Animal and children pick up on the stress in the home and develop their own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalance. They are usually more sensitive to their environment, surrounding and to change. Animals and children love their families, some will actively worry about their families and others struggles because of their big hearts. Reiki and Energy sessions can help them relax, balance, and ground during times of struggle, or change. It is very helpful to also receive a treatment with your animals or children during these times.

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Reiki for animals of all size

Does your child or animal need to stay still for the whole session?

Absolutely not! I will never expect a puppy or young child to hold still for 5 minutes let alone 30 minutes to an hour. I encourage parents to let their young child or animal  go on with their play time, if sitting still is not easy for them. The session can take place in your home or from a distance. Energy can travel great distance even from Hawaii to France! Pictures help me connect when sending distant healing.

Once your child or animal becomes familiar with Reiki they will be more receptive to laying down and relaxing during their session!!!


Reiki for Babies

When should a child or animal receive energy healing?


During times or change & travel

During times of confrontation

Behavioral issues

When you are stressed

Sleep difficulties

Medical issues

For relaxation

Reiki with Children

Reiki with Children

Reiki and energy healing does not diagnosis or treat disease and does not replace a veterinarian or doctors care.

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