Reiki Sanctuary

Next Event: Jan 26 2019


Future Reiki Sanctuary Dates

July 2018, Aug 2018, Nov 2018, Dec 2018

Dates are subject to change. Please check Facebook for updates.

R.S.V.P is recommended to receive your free Reiki Session!

What is Reiki Sanctuary

Reiki Sanctuary is a monthly event, dedicated to creating a family friendly healing space. Every sanctuary event provides free 25 to 45 minute Reiki sessions to the public and food:) Please bring a prayer and or pictures of loved ones you would like healing energy sent to.

Sometimes Reiki Sanctuary will feature Guest(s), with specialties in Reiki and/or other different energy healing styles and cultural practices. Energy awareness class will also take place after or before Reiki Sanctuary.

R.S.V.P is recommended to receive your spot. The location will be given after confirming you are going to the event. Mahalo.

   Energy Awareness & Imprint  Release

After all Reiki Session are finished

Mini Energy Awareness class focused on developing the ability to feel your personal energy.  We will get in tune with ourselves by writing something we would like to let go of or prayers for loved ones. We then will release the prayers and or negative imprints we want to let go of by fire. The process represents transforming energy to positive and releasing our prayers. Reiki will be sent during the prayer/imprint release. Come share this spiritual moment with Teresa at Reiki Sanctuary.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritually guided healing session. This is not the same as a massage. Instead of massaging muscle tissue the Reiki practitioners is channeling healing energy. Reiki practitioners are trained to sense and feel your bodies energy field. They feel different sensations in their hands or may feel physically pulled to different parts of your energy field or physical body. The energy (Reiki) that flows into you, helps balance you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Ask me about Reiki

Feel free to ask questions about Reiki, such as how to feel for energetic imbalances and how to become a Reiki practitioner. If you would like we can make a coffee/tea date to clarify your questions.

Donating Your Time

If you would like to donate your time to Reiki Sanctuary, Chris and I would love it! I love to cook but another vegetarian/vegan cook in the kitchen would help out! We also would like to have another pair of healing hands to maximize clients healing:)

Reiki is Complementary

Reiki is complementary but never a replacement for medical help. Reiki does not treat or diagnose patients.