Yoga:  “union” of the soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit.

When moving through the asanas or postures of yoga energy flows through the body helping our mind become still. It may take time to create long gaps in-between the chatter of the mental mind during your practice of asanas but with focus on the movements with the breath, your practice will become more of a moving meditation. A way to clear your mind, let go of the old and move inward to your being.

Yoga can help you move into your true self, becoming a person of Ahimsa with a deeper practice of the spirit. Ahimsa is being kind to yourself and others not holding on to guilt or judgment.

Hmmm… all that from regular moving, stretching, breathing and meditation. Why haven’t you called me yet!!! Individual or group classes available and in-home retreats.

Prices for Group, private Yoga Class  (60 min)

1-2 people $45 | 3-5 $20 Per Person  | 6+ $15 Per Person

 Yoga Schedule Coming soon