Massage in the comfort of your own home! All massages incorporate young living essential oils and are custom to meet your needs.

90Minute $95 | 2 Hours $130 | 3 Hours $195 | 60 Minutes for Two $130

Basic Massage Benefits:

Helps with Circulation


Helps body eliminate toxins naturally

Relax tense muscles that cause headaches & body pain


Signature Massage

An intuitive massage (light to firm pressure) incorporating structural bodywork, Swedish massage, reflexology, shiatsu, reiki, energy balancing, cranial sacral therapy and sacred essential oil blends. Each massage is intuitively guided making your experience unique to you.  Three hours is a great option If you want a full 60 min reiki session, chakra balancing and or cranial sacral therapy.

Deep Tissue

Do you feel like you have Volcano rocks in your back? Try a deep tissue massage. Deep Tissue focuses on releasing the deeper layers of the muscle and connective tissue.  Your massage, will incorporate, Russian sports, trigger point therapy & structural integration at no additional cost.

2hr Reiki & Massage Combo

Muscle tissue can become tight from worrying, feeling anger, keeping guilt, grieving, and from feeling lost. Combining energy healing with massage sets a deep intention to help you release stagnant energy of the body, mind, spirit and heart.  I can’t wait for you to experience the relaxation benefits of Reiki and Massage on the same day. Wishing you well on your healing journey.

Reiki & Shiatsu

A  Shiatsu massage blended with Reiki, reflexology, and fascia unwinding.  Massage is received fully clothed to allow for range of motion, stretching, traction and compression massage to be applied to muscles & meridian path ways. The intention of this session is to relax muscles and mind to help increase range of motion, move stagnate energy, and helping energy flow of meridians.  Overall you should feel more balanced after session. 

Reiki & Reflexology

Ground yourself with this restorative session focused on facilitating the body’s natural healing process. Energy healing and pressure will be applied to the reflex points of the feet & hands to stimulate as sense of being earthed. 

Coconut Rose Massage

A deep relaxation massage infused with coconut and rose essential oils. The coconut rose blend sets the intention to raise your hearts vibrations. Great for both pampering sessions and for times of deep healing.  Add on an additional $30 to regular massage pricing. 

Stomach Massage two ways

Aiding your digestion and emotional release. Pamper your digestive center with shiatsu massage, reiki balancing, acupressure, and digestive supporting essential oils.

For deep low back pain, A deep tissue massage focused on releasing the deep low back muscles that cause chronic low back pain. Sessions ends with a relaxing stomach massage that supports digestive health and emotional balancing. 

Foot Massage

Stimulate the senses with a light to deep tissue massage focused on the feet!!! You can add on a 30-minute session or book a 90 minute just for feet!

Face, Scalp & Neck Massage

Who doesn’t want a extra 30 to 90 minutes on just their face, scalp, and neck! Essential oils that support healthy skin included.

Massage & Reiki Parties!

Invite you friends and family over! 4-8 people depending on package! 

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