Reiki & Shiatsu Combo

What is a Reiki & Shiatsu Combo?

A  Shiatsu massage blended with Reiki, reflexology, and fascia unwinding. Massage is received fully clothed to allow for range of motion, stretching, traction and compression massage to be applied to muscles & meridian path ways. The intention of this session is to relax muscles and mind to help increase range of motion, move stagnate energy, and help restore energy flow to your energy meridians.  Overall you should feel more balanced after session. 

Before the session starts your energy, system will be scanned to decide if you have any areas of the body that need more focus. This is done by the therapist moving their hands through your aura (off the physical body) to feel for fluctuating energy sensations. A tool such as a pendulum may be used, as well too, check the chakras but is not necessary. After the energy scan, the therapist will know how to better assist you during your session.


Fully Clothed


Passive Stretching to Lengthen Muscle

Increased Range of Motion

Inspires Healthy Circulation

Inspires Increased Energy Flow