Reiki Class Level One


If you have experienced the relaxation benefits of Reiki you may be wondering where can you learn how to give Reiki! I teach Reiki and Energy Awareness Level one and two   for self-healing and aiding others in their self healing process. Level three training is for people committed to the Reiki path, have had a minimum of 100 hands on Reiki sessions and would possibly like to teach Reiki!

Reiki & Energy Awareness Training Level One $500

 40 hours | 1o week series |  for 4 hours per week

Add on 4 Reiki Sessions for $180 saving over $100

Ask me about one on one classes that will focus on your spiritual growth as an individual!!!




  • Healing hand placements to gain energy perception
  • Healing with Breath
  • Healing with meditations
  • Healing with the Reiki Precepts
  • Self-Energy Awareness Exercises
  • Heaven and Earth meditation (Ground, Cleanse, Connect)
  • My Exclusive Heaven, Earth and Heart expansion meditation
  • Grounding with Your lower Hara

Cleansing your self, home, objects

  • Gassho meditation
  • Joshin kokyu ho meditation
  • kenyoku ho (dry bathing)
  • Heaven and Earth meditation …
  • Heart opening meditation

Reiki Healing Hand placements to provide sessions for yourself and family

  • Based on Your intuition
  • Based on Various Teachers of different lineage
  • Based on Chakra balancing & Cleansing
  • Based on Hara Centers
  • Based on Byosen Scanning
  • Based on Listening/feeling for a Pull within the Energy Field
  • Based on “hearing where to go”

How to connect with your higher self and others

  • With Group Energy Awareness Exercises (We can all feel energy)
  • Learning to listen to your Inner guidance
  • Scanning your energy field with hands
  • Scanning the Energy Field & Body with Intuition

Some Basics 

  • Setting intention
  • Grounding concepts
  • Benefits and what Reiki can be used for
  • Basics facts about: Chakras, Auras, Nadis, Meridians, Bhandas
  • History of Reiki and useful Sources
  • Ways to Deepen your Spiritual Practice
  • Reiki as a life style and hands on healing as a positive side effect
  • Why does this class provide weekly healing attunements?


Where:Kapolei  Address sent out once you have confirmed your spot for Reiki Training! My cat and dog will love having you in class!  ONLY  5-8 Spots avaialble.

How long:  10-week series | Class once a week for 4 hours
First time Reiki Students:$500-$800
One Private Class Included in Fee
For Re-Sit: $200 For all 10 weeks $100 for 5
DROP IN: $30 RECOMMENDED DONATION (Must be trained in level One for Drop in. All lineage of Reiki welcome.)
Private Class Add on: $65 per class
Reiki Student Energy Session 4 pack: $180 saving over $100

Requirements to Receive Certificate
All hours and assignments must be complete and submitted. Please call 808-724-3880 to receive email for full class guidelines & tuition details.

Attunements will take place weekly. A traditional Japanese Reiki ritual to help you remember your healing gifts!


Basic example of class schedule breakdown
Weekly 4-hour class break down:
10 am – 11 am: Meditation practice & Attunement
11 am – 12 pm: Lecture usually based on HOMEWORK from week before
12 pm – 2 pm: Hands on practice focused on self-healing

**Please Bring:notebook, pen, binder, clear sheet protectors for handouts, and an open mind.


Glad you ask………

Rei: Translates to spirit, rain, mouth, container, Shaman
Ki:  Translated to energy, steam, breath, air, rice

Reiki is a noninvasive, spiritual guided healing session and an enlighted life style. Reiki as a session & life style helps create  balance on a physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual level.

As a Reiki Session: A Reiki practitioner places their hands on or above your physical body with the intention to help your Ki (energy) of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body get genki (stronger). Reiki sessions are perfect for people and animals who want to relax, are uncomfortable with massage, or need relief from chronic pain. Reiki is safe for animals and people with most conditions that massage is not acceptable for. As well as a great option if you are in too much pain to be touched comfortably.

Reiki as life style: During Teresa Reiki & Energy Awareness classes level 1-3 you will learn how to live a Reiki Life style and a healing session. A Reiki life style includes following the precepts: Just for today do not anger, Just for today do not worry, Be full of gratitude, Devote your-self to your work, and Be kind to your-self and others. Also includes regular reiki practice of healing Japanese meditations, visual breath work, and providing regular self-Reiki sessions. Receiving regular healing attunements/Reiju from a Reiki Master are very beneficial addition to your reiki lifestyle. Reiju are provided to help you remember your peaceful self in class and during reiki session for reiki students. The positive side effects of living a Reiki life style included; healing gifts, awakened inner site, more patients and kinder heart.

All teachers have their own prices and class structure. Let yourself be guided to a teacher for you. There are a lot of reiki teachers enjoy your search!!!

Reiki is beneficial at helping facilitate the body, mind’s and spirits natural  healing process. Reiki does not replace medical care, does not diagnose or treat dieses. Reiki is a complementary therapy. 

Reiki is a Gift

Have you ever had a moment when you felt vibration or heat radiating from your hands when a person or animal needs comfort? As you read this you may even begin to feel energy flowing through your hands. I believe we all have the gift of Reiki and empathy with in us. Each week you will receive a healing attunement to help you remember your healing abilities. As a healer it is very exciting to share our gifts with others along our life’s path. There are many energy modalities that help facilitate someone’s healing process. Reiki is just one of the modalities  practice to help people and animals.

All energy modalities are different in their philosophy and structure and they call to different people’s hearts. Healing is always best facilitated when someone follows their own heart. This is true for many situations along one’s life path. With my full heart I am grateful for anyone taking the time to learn about Reiki and other healing modalities. Let Reiki be a golden step to the path of self-healing, facilitating others self-healing process and dare I say it, well on the path to enlightenment. We never stop learning or growing when the ears listen and the heart is open. Listen to the heart and walk. Push on my dear it will all become clear.